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To talk to the creator of this movie, Sara Axelsson, please email her at .

To get in touch with the composer of the soundtrack, David Löfberg, please visit

To contact the designer of this website and the graphical material, Oskar Lissheim-Boethius, please visit Avocade Creations.

About Donna Dashingwood


Donna Dashingwood is an animated short movie about a young girl from a rough neighborhood. It's about her dad. And what he has done to her. What will she do to him, you ask? Read on...

Donna Dashingwood is animated, scripted and produced by . She currently studies animation at the University of Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

Visual Design

Liselott Watkins was her inspiration for the characters. The background of b/w photos is used to create a contrast between the drawn and real life.

Music and Sound

The music was composed and recorded by David Löfberg. It has won an award for "Best Soundtrack" from Ruta Ett - a Swedish film-festival.

The voice by Johan Skoglund.


This is the full script of the film.

There is someting you all got to know Something both wispered high and low A Girl who grew up in the wrong neigbourhood This is the story of Donna Dashingwood

Her devil had hurt her bad The saddest thing of all he was her dad He had branded her like no man can Sending him to hell was the least she could serve that man

To say something in her defence She was only trying to make amence So in jail she sat planning squeming, dreaming Listening only to what her inner voice was screaming

Very surprised Donna was Sitting there, wishing his blood to gore Suddenly up!, went the prisondoor Imagine that time flew by so fast She thout her prisontime would never pass!

Her father soul was lost many years ago A man with a face not even God was proud to moulf He had scarred his face so bad, so bad That one could only assume that he was mad, mad, mad!

Many had tried to kill him before Many dead bodies lies here o' Lord! But Donna was convinces that she would succeed She needed this so she could breathe

Finding him was not so hard For at many places he had left his 'callingcard' She struck hiom fast and hard Luckily he could not see farr with that awful scar!

For the first time in his life he had lost all controll Now he feaced his personal deathpatrol Donna was finally near her goal All she could think was- revenge is best served cold

Back in a chair he fell She twiched her nose when she felt his smell His breathing sounded restrain Outside you could her the pouring rain

She serched for a place to leave her mark And that she did, there in the dark

Donna never regretted a thing Though she went back in the bing Now the lesson this story brings It ain't over until the fat lady sings!